White Fillings

We believe fillings should be as close to invisible as possible!

What exactly is a Filling? (It's not a stupid question)

A filling is, very simply, a piece of material that replaces a damaged or missing part of a tooth and is applied directly to the tooth.

The damage to the tooth can be caused by bacteria (decay), or by wear and tear.

What is it made of?

The fillings we use at The Modern Dentist are made from a material called Composite Resin, which is made up of filler particles (like glass beads) suspended in a resin matrix.

Advances in Composite technology mean that now fillings can be made to look and function exactly like teeth for many years.

With bonding technology, Composite fillings can actually strengthen and support damaged teeth.

Why do some fillings look amazing and others look terrible?

This usually comes down to the skill of the dentist carrying out the filling, but also the choice of materials and bonding techniques used.

At The Modern Dentist, we try to make our fillings look so invisible that even another dentist wouldn't spot them!

The benefits of Composite Fillings

Best for Teeth

Composite is a beautiful material that can support and strengthen weakened teeth and allow them to stay healthy for many years.


Good fillings won't be noticeable or turn ugly over time.

Treat Symptoms

If you've been having sensitivity or discomfort from a tooth because of wear, decay or a crack, a well-bonded Composite filling will often make the symptoms disappear.

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