Prevention is everything for little ones.

Gotta make them happy

We believe the secret to giving kids a good start and a healthy relationship with their teeth for life is to make sure they love coming to the dentist.

Close monitoring

Things happen in fast-forward with kids' teeth: they fall over, their baby teeth fall out, new teeth can come up in unexpected places...

But also: when problems happen in baby teeth, like cavities, they tend to progress much faster than in adults. So we need to monitor them closely as they grow up and make sure they're staying healthy and happy.


It's essential to lay good foundations in childhood for a long life of good dental health.

This means:

  • Teaching them good cleaning habits

  • Teaching them about good diets and lifestyle choices

  • Fissure sealing or fluoride varnishes, to minimise the risk of decay

  • Orthodontic treatment where indicated, to ensure straight teeth that are easy to clean and look great

Book them in now!

We'll be very happy to see the kids for their routine check-ups and cleaning.

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