Adult Braces

Fixed braces are often the most efficient way to achieve a great, straight result and the improvements in how they look and feel have made them increasingly popular with adults of any age.

How Do Braces Work?

Braces consist of brackets, which are small metal square-shaped attachments that are fixed to the front of your teeth, and a metal wire that threads through the brackets to connect them and apply controlled pressure to the teeth to make them move.

Why Choose Braces?

The brace system will gradually nudge your teeth into the position decided during the planning stage.

They're often the most effective and efficient way to move your teeth.

We'll normally see you every 6-8 weeks for adjustments and to check that your teeth are moving as they should.

Are they Modern?

The latest advancement in brace technology is self-ligating braces. This means we no longer need elastics or ties to secure the wires, because the wire is able to pass through the brackets freely without friction.

As a result, treatment is more comfortable and requires less time.

The benefits of Fixed Metal Braces

Strong and Durable

They're made of stainless steel so are hard-wearing

More Comfortable

Metal braces are much more comfortable than ever before

Better In Some Cases

For certain types of tooth movement in more complex cases, your orthodontist might recommend fixed brace treatment instead of Invisalign.

What's the process for fixed braces?

A step-by-step guide to your fixed brace treatment

At your free consultation visit, your orthodontist will get to know you, find out what your expectations are, and discuss the options with you.

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