Hygiene Treatments

Everyone who's met a good hygienist knows you can't live without them!

What Do Good Hygienists Do?

It's not just about cleaning.

Hygienists monitor the overall health of your mouth together with your dentist. They check how well you're doing with your home cleaning, and thoroughly assess your gum health on every visit.

They'll give you tips and advice on how to improve at home, to minimise plaque and tartar build-up and staining.

They'll also look at any lifestyle or dietary changes you can make to help keep you dentally fit and healthy.

And What About the Cleaning?

A good clean with the hygienist should leave you counting down the days until your next visit!

The cleaning should feel really thorough but not painful (no one likes a sadist) and at the end your teeth should be gleaming and feeling amazing.

What Does the Hygienist Use?

Our hygienists use a combination of hand scalers, ultrasonic cleaning machines, polishing brushes, and AirFlow, which uses particles at high pressure to remove stains and stubborn build-up

Gum Disease

For patients with a history of gum disease (when the supporting tissues of the teeth start to break down) or more advanced needs, we provide more extensive treatments following a thorough assessment with the dentist and hygienist.

Where necessary, we will sometimes refer to a specialist periodontist.

The benefits of Hygiene Treatments

Nothing Feels as Good as Clean Teeth

That feeling when you don't want to eat or drink anything again because they just feel so good!

Healthy Gums = Healthy Body

More and more evidence is being discovered of the links between gum problems and other organs, including the heart and the brain.

Smile Confidently

No one likes to show off stained teeth. Having gleaming, white gnashers will make sure you keep smiling all day!

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