It's never too late to get your smile straight. That's why we offer a range of specialist orthodontic treatments for adults and kids and we tailor your treatment so that it's the right choice for you.

The benefits of orthodontic treatment at The Modern Dentist

Healthier Teeth and Gums

Having straighter teeth allows you to care for them more easily, so your teeth and gums will stay healthier.

No Age Barrier

Some people think they're too old for braces. We welcome people of any age!

Increased Self-Esteem

You'll love smiling again and get your confidence back with your new, straight teeth.

Better Function

With a corrected bite, you'll find eating more comfortable and satisfying.

Pre-Cosmetic Improvements

Often we'll improve the positions of teeth in advance of cosmetic treatments, such as bonding or veneers, to get a really perfect result.

Sleep problems

We specialise in therapy for sleep issues, as well as sport and mouth guards.

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