New Patients

Instead of the usual one-size-fits-all consultation for everyone, we've created a thoughtful system for new patients that means you can get what you want from us from your very first visit.

Comprehensive Assessment

This is for new patients who haven’t been to a dentist for a long time, or think they have problems or issues they’d like to discuss with the dentist. It only involves the dentist (any hygiene treatment will be booked separately) and includes any x-rays and images we need to be able to make a thorough diagnosis and treatment plan.

First Clean & Check

This option is for people who haven’t been to see us before but don’t think they need a Comprehensive Assessment. This can’t be booked online and in order to be able to book it, we’ll need to do a quick phone consultation to confirm the following:

1. That you’ve seen a dentist in the previous 12 months

2. That you’re not aware of any problems with your teeth or gums

3. That there aren’t any issues or treatments you’d like to discuss with your dentist

The appointment will be mostly spent with the hygienist and the dentist will join, hopefully to confirm that everything is fine. If it turns out things aren’t as fine as you thought, the dentist may suggest returning for a Comprehensive Assessment, in which case you will only be charged for the hygiene part of the visit.

Hygiene only

Some new patients only wish to see the hygienist, often because they already have a dentist elsewhere, or for other reasons. If this is the case, we just book you for a longer first appointment with the hygienist than for regular patients, so that they have time to carry out a baseline assessment for you as well as the cleaning.


Even if you haven’t been to us before, we will do our very best to fit you in within 24 hours if you are in pain or suffering from trauma or swelling. We’ll provide any emergency care you need to get you out of trouble and will suggest either returning to see us for follow-up or returning to your own dentist if you prefer.

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