Smile In A Day

Thanks to recent advances in implant technology and medical imaging, you can now walk out with brand new teeth in one day!

What is Smile In A Day?

Smile In A Day allows us to plan your treatment so precisely in advance that we're able to remove any of your remaining teeth that need to go, place your implants and your new teeth - all in a single day!

How Is That Possible?

By being able to accurately reproduce your mouth and jaws with CT scanning and digital impressions, we can now work out the exact positions of your implants and your new teeth, even while your old teeth are still in place.

We use this plan to create surgical guides that guarantee the implants will be positioned in exactly the right place relative to your jaws and your new teeth.

Once the implants are in place, the new prosthesis fits like a glove!

Can Anyone Do It?

Suitability depends on several factors, including the bone available for the implants, which we'll assess thoroughly at the imaging stage.

The benefits of Smile In A Day

Instant Makeover

The biggest obvious advantage is walking out on the same day with brand new, beautiful teeth!

Eat Comfortably Again - Straight Away!

When eating hasn't been fun for a while, suddenly having a full set of chompers again is life-changing!

New Confidence

Anyone who's been through a tough time with their teeth really understands the value of a good set. We can't wait to see you grin from ear to ear with your brand new smile!

What's the process for Smile In A Day?

A step-by-step guide to the brand new you

At your free consultation, we'll assess your situation and discuss what options might be available to you.

We'll answer any questions you have and make you aware of any specific issues in your case.

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