Orthognathic Surgery

For some people with facial development issues, we offer surgical treatment combined with orthodontic treatment.

What is Orthognathic Surgery?

In certain cases, patients can come to us with a jaw imbalance, where orthodontics alone will not make the changes to the face that will yield the best results.

In these cases, we will discuss the option of having corrective surgery in combination with the orthodontic treatment.

This is known as face-driven orthodontics.

When Would Surgery be Indicated?

Surgery can be considered in the folllowing kinds of cases:

  • Imbalance in the size of the jaws: sloping back lower jaw or very strong, enlarged lower jaw in relation to the upper jaw

  • Facial asymmetry/non-centred chin

  • Long face

  • Sleep apnoea

Specialists in Tandem

Your treatment would be undertaken by our specialist orthodontist, Joyti, in combination with some of the best jaw surgeons in London, to make sure you get the best possible clinical outcome.

Joyti is passionate about facial balance and will explain that this treatment option needn't be complex.

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