Single or Multiple Tooth Replacement

With the simplest type of implant tooth replacement, the implant replaces the root of your missing tooth

What are implants?

An implant is simple a hollow metal screw that is placed in the jaw after a tooth is removed, and very effectively replaces the root.

We can then very easily make crowns or bridges that attach to this root replacement, and these then look and feel like real teeth.

Why are they better than the alternatives?

The traditional way to replace teeth in dentistry was with dentures or bridges.

Dentures are generally not favoured by people because they're removable and never really feel like real teeth.

Bridges often put excessive pressure on neighbouring teeth and can be unnecessarily destructive and harmful to these teeth.

The surgery doesn't sound nice

When implants are done well, the surgery is incredibly neat and simple. It's a painless procedure, with just the same local anaesthetic you'd have for a filling, and the pain afterwards is usually minimal.

The benefits of Dental Implants

Gold standard for replacing teeth

Nothing beats an implant for the best function and aesthetics.

Easy to maintain

Implants are as easy to clean and take care of as natural teeth, though we always recommend regular hygiene visits and check-ups


Advances in implant technology mean implants are usually for life. The crown or bridge part may need to be repaired or replaced in time (and this can be done very easily), but the implant itself is incredibly stable long-term.

What's the process for Dental Implants?

We'll get to know you first, see what you'd like to do and how we can help, and work out if implants are the right solution for you.

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